School of the Minds

TEDEd Clubs Talks 2019


Kids need time to discover their passions and talents, but with today’s homework assignments and busy schedules, kids don’t have time for discovery. I love to discover and be creative, but sometimes the projects take lots of time, and I wouldn’t have time to accomplish them if I wasn’t homeschooled and had homework and studying all evening. But this isn’t about home school, it’s about doing our “homework” at school and substituting that time for creating and discovering and having teachers to guide kids to pursue their talents.

I am Liam, an eleven year old boy from South Carolina. I love to be creative and make things, but I also have a love for history and medicine. I try to get my hands on any kind of medical kit or art supplies. I like to get creative with any kind of material in-front of me. I also love adventure, discovery, and trying new things (especially food).


Listen to a fairy tale that has a twist from traditional stories. The Fairy Godmother in this story is a real person and she may be able to bestow wishes on you when you least expect it.

Grace doesn’t have the daily life of an average 10 year old. How she spends her days are often dictated by how she feels. She has spent the last 7 years battling rare chronic illness but she never lets it get her down. She always stays positive and ready to push her body to its limits. Thanks to experimental treatments, she is now playing soccer, involved in Girl Scouts, and hopes to return to her beloved ballet classes soon.


Have you ever thought about the film rating for the movie you just watched? The process for rating films is often random, complicated, and confusing.

Ladson Porter is a 13 year old 7th grader from Columbia, SC. He is a homeschooler and the youngest of four children. Ladson has always loved movies. In fact, he’s passionate about films! He enjoys all types of films from silent films to foreign films to popular blockbusters. He posts weekly movie reviews online and loves to have spirited debates about cinema. When not watching movies, Ladson enjoys playing video games, building legos and playing board games with his family.


Are violent video games a contributing factor for mass shootings? There is a lot of finger pointing in the media and in politics toward violent video games as a cause for an increase in mass violence. In this talk, we will look at this relationship and explore what cause really means.

Andrew plans to be a video game designer as an adult and has already begun planning for this career path. He has researched extensively the history of video games and how the current video game industry came to be. Although he doesn’t play violent video games himself, he is passionate about defending each person’s right to choose their own video game content, or a parent’s right to choose for their minor children. Andrew is very interested in social justice issues and politics and loves to debate with his friends.


How can you make your own professional electronic music from your own home? 12 year old Enzo has a passion for making electronic music and is here to tell you all about his process. He makes a sample song for this talk by showing four loops he created and how he then crafted them into a short song.

Enzo Cox presented his first TEDEd talk: The Art of Special FX at the Inaugural TEDEd Weekend in December 2016. His third TEDEd talk: Why I Don't Like Losing is featured in the For The Young Ones YouTube playlist. This is his fifth year as a member of School of the Minds' TEDEd Clubs and his new talk is about making your own electronic music.


Check out an eight year old's perspective of and passion about space exploration that will engage your mind and spirit to reflect on the accomplishments of the past and the possibilities for the future.

Caden is passionate about our world, the universe, and beyond. He thrives in opportunities to learn through experiences, diving into a book, or interacting with an expert. As an aspiring astronaut and scientist, Caden is focused on developing the skills and gaining the insight to successfully achieve his goals to impact the world.