Spring Camping Trip 2019

We learned about TEA (seed to cup) and COFFEE (bean to cup), GRANDFATHER MOUNTAIN (its biospheres, unique features, native plants, and wild animals), ROCKS AND MINERALS (conducted various tests on them). Most of all, we had a lot of fun!

Ms. Jennifer gave us a very informative educational tour of her farm. We learned many facts about the camelia sinensis plant, how to pick the first flush, how to properly grow a tea plant from seeds, how to care for them in the greenhouse and transplant into the ground, the process of making different types of teas (white, green, oolong, black, pu'er), as well as the business side of a fairly new tea company. We also drank some Kenyan tea, brought home goodies and even our own tea plants. If you want to meet someone who is passionate about what she does, do visit Table Rock Tea Company!

Ms. Ashlynne gave us an interesting educational tour of the roasting facility. We learned how a Brazilian coffee plantation's son migrated to North Carolina and started a coffee roasting business. We were shown different types of coffee beans and how they are processed and roasted. We were also able to smell and taste different roasts and even play a sack race.

Ranger Andy Sicard gave us an educational class on Grandfather Mountain: its history, where it got its name, its diverse biospheres, its unique species and their habitats. He was also able to lead us on a wonderful virtual hike of the area to show us the different biospheres.

Class Four on Animal Habitats on Grandfather Mountain with Ranger Andy Sicard

This class started with an exciting hide and seek game in the woods where Ranger Andy hid animal mounds in their unique habitats. The students had to find the animals in the "wild". When they did, he discussed the animal and their habitat. It was a very stimulating class for everyone. After the hike, the students pretended to be animals and continued to play games in search of food, water, and shelter in differing scenarios.

NOTE: NC State Parks have an Outreach program that allow them to do these types of classes FREE of charge.

Class Five on Rocks and Minerals with Ms. Liz and Liam

Ms. Liz and Liam brought their collection and discussed ways to identify and test them. The students were then given tools to conduct various tests and we were even able to see some of rocks under UV light.

How about Fun?

Played outdoors, started a campfire for Smores, looked for constellations in the sky, hooted to the owls, watched and caught lightning bugs, played music together, danced a little too, and just had a lot of fun.