Clubs and Teams

School of the Minds provides the opportunity for our homeschool students to work in higher level tasks as a team: to learn how to give and take, share, take turns, communicate, have tolerance and respect for others, develop confidence in themselves, trust in their teammates, learn how to fail together (and what it means to stand up and keep working at the task), and finally rejoice in our successes together.*

Our team is starting small and will be by invitation and application only.

Our Division I team is by invitation and application only.

Our team is by invitation and application only. Our team has won regional awards in the following middle school regional events:

Roller Coaster, Towers, and Solar Systems.

Our team is by invitation and application only.

TEDEd Clubs is open to all members of our co-op.

Our students have been featured on TEDEd Clubs newletters, TEDEd Clubs' YouTube playlists, and have presented on the NYC TED stage.

TEDxYouth@ColumbiaSC is a yearly conference for high school students in the area. As Ambassador school to this conference, School of the Minds has two homeschool student leaders every year to help run idea dialogues. These dialogues are important for event participation to help prepare the students for the theme of the conference. This requires watching TED videos and discussing current political and social events with other teens.


School of the Minds

  • organises School of the Minds homeschool teams to participate in the above events
  • families who join our teams have agreed to work as a team and therefore should know that the above events are not individual competitions for their child only
  • does not organise state or regional events and therefore cannot guarantee how these events are organised
  • can only give out medals and/or certificates if provided for by the above events
  • rejoices in our teams successes and that means giving credit to the successes of any of our students