Here is a compilation of all our TEDEd Talks since we started our SOTM TEDEd Club in the Fall of 2015:


How Words Affect Us

The Evolution of Food

You Become the Music You Listen To

Why Sleeping is Important

The Art of Post-Production



Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Our topics:

ELEMENTARY KIDS: What Makes Movies Amazing, How to Draw Superheroes, Black Holes, iPads, Pokemon, Vision Therapy, How Does Physics Work in Tap Dance, Coding in Minecraft, How Robots Can Benefit People, How Videography Benefits 3rd Graders, Music Therapy, Three Things 8 Year Olds Knew 100 years Ago, Cats, Robots

MIDDLE SCHOOL: Boy Scouts, YouTube, Baseball

HIGH SCHOOL: What is Cosplay?, Benefits of Cosplay, Pixelart, Maker Movement, Potato Guns

Working on our visuals.



WEEK 6 and on

Adding visuals and creating slide presentations

Week 9 and on

Practicing in front of the class

In our SOTM TED-Ed Club, our kids will be able to share, debate and discuss ideas, learn how to develop, communicate, and present their own ideas, and connect with other TED-Ed Clubs worldwide.

What are the goals of a TED-Ed Club?

●To stimulate and celebrate creative ideas put forth by students from all over the world.

●To work with a generation of problem solvers, critical thinkers and innovators to make the world a better place.

●To connect groups of students of all different backgrounds around the world.

●To provide a web platform where student ideas can be featured and shared.

●To support students in developing presentation literacy and public speaking skills so their ideas can be more easily seen, understood, shared and acted upon.

●To make an idea—developed and presented by a student—a valuable reference point on a resume, college application or in a job interview.