Besides providing Clubs and Teams, we have the following opportunities:


We do not hold regular classes every week. However, when parents want to offer classes to our community, they do so at the location and time of their choosing:

    • therefore no pressure on any parent to volunteer to teach
    • families can choose independently what they want to pursue for their children
    • this means no forcing students of different levels or interests in one classroom
    • we also have Virtual Classroom capabilities.

Field Trips

Our educational field trips will mostly be held on Thursdays. These

    • require pre-trip research and studies
      • to ensure that our students can get more out of the field trip and speakers.

Project Fairs

Project fairs run monthly and include science, math, literature, and history. Students need to apply a month in advance to join. These project fairs are designed with gifted student's learning in mind. This ensures our students:

      • are able to delve into the subject they are motivated to learn,
      • can study their topic of choice at their own pace,
      • have one whole month to work on their project,
      • are given the space to communicate with other co-op students about their interests throughout the month via our virtual classrooms, and
      • be able to share it in final presentation format with the community.

Park Days

Two hours every week of free range park days are essential for our families. This is the time

    • our children learn how to communicate with each other
    • our parents get to know one another

Social Events sans Kids

Some parents prefer social events without children and these are usually at a convenient time for those who want to participate.